Sunday, August 21, 2011

ReCycled Pumpkin

I found one of my tableclothes came back from an event with a stain that would not come out. I have had it ready for a project in the ReCycle pile for over a year. I took part of it for this project and dyed it orange and created this fun Autumn pumpkin. I cut a piece of grape vine that I saved from spring pruning for the stem and a little moss and a left over leaf from a faux flower that I used the bloom in an arrangement. I always keep the left over leaves to stick on other projects.

I like how it looks on this wrought iron candlestick. A bunch would like great in an old basket.

You can see this and other Autumn decor @ The Design Haus.
I am linking this to Under the Table and Dreaming and The Shabby Creek Cottage.


  1. I would like to make a pumkin too.
    My English is not that good, so i ask you: what do you put IN it? How can i make a pumkin round?
    Outside is not a problem, but inside?

  2. Agnes, I use a rectangle of fabric that is 11 inches by 26 inches and do a seam on the short end and then a hand running stitch both top and bottom. After you close off the bottom you can fill with pillow fiber. Close off the top and glue in your stem. After drying I create the "sections" by stitching at the top and the thread becomes the outline, stitch at bottom to catch then the tread becomes the outine again, catch thread at top and repeat so you have 6 sections. Glue some moss to hide the thread by the stem and center of the bottom. Done.
    Good Luck, can't wait to see a finished one!