Monday, June 13, 2011

A French Confection

I found this great wood plaque in an Estate Sale box, 12 various designs in all! It has taken some time to pair the right graphic with each wood piece. You can see a previous pairing HERE. I thought this Chocholat Store graphic from The Graphics Fairy would bring to mind the Vintage Store Signs that a proprietor would hang outside their entry. I used the transfer method described HERE. Now I want a Bon-Bon!

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  1. Great project! I love the image you have used and the wooden plaque really works with it well!

  2. Thanks Terri, I have more in process. Sometimes I tend to over think things.

  3. I love this, John! I am going to have to give that transfer method another try. My first was an epic fail!

  4. That came out great! Very cool, but it would definitely make me want to each chocolate even more than I want to now! LOL

  5. this came out looking really great, did you print it on transparency?

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  6. Maggie, If you click on the link in the post I discribe the process. I have done many projects with this transfer method with great success. I will check out your link. Good Luck if you give this a try. I am starting to post graphics that are being created for this process so come back often.