Monday, June 27, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets Reno

The Work in the Kitchen has begun in earnest. This weekend was spent tackling the cabinets. The cabinets are not too bad, solid wood doors in a traditional style. The dark color is very heavy in a small space. So we decided to go light and bright.

First up was to see if the handles could be salvaged. After soaking in a bleach solution I rubbed them down with a fine steel wool. I think they look pretty good. They did have a back piece that really dated them. So those will get the heave ho.

We are using a new product by Rust-oleum called Cabinet Transformations. We opted for Quilter's White that ties in with our Vanilla color scheme. So far so good. The hard part was cleaning the cabinets so that the paint would adhere correctly. According to the directions it would take 2 coats of paint. By the fourth coat I was pretty happy. Of course waiting in between coats was a time killer! At least there are many other projects to do.

Thank God the basement was empty making enough space to create an assembly line of 15 doors and 7 drawers. Those numbers are burned in my mind after 4 coats of paint times 2 sides!

More soon!

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  1. OMG !! I had the SAME dark oak cabinets, with the horrid cathedral panels AND pulls...just finished painting mine, used [Ben Moore's Cabinet Coat]..I, however turfed the pulls and turned BIG black knobs..LOVE LOVE daughter made me random fused glass tiles out of scrap glass for the backsplash..WOW,eclectic but bright & colorful. can't wait to see yours finished..oh and I wanted to hang myself while painting the doors.